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Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Motor Stator Recycling & Processing

Motor Stator Recycling & Processing

Material Description

Motor stator processing range: 50-500mm.High Efficient Scrap Motor Stator Cutting Pulling Recycling Machine is suitable for household appliances, motor stators, air conditioner compressors, fans, refrigerator compressors, washing machines, it can be separate copper from silicon steel sheets.

After Recovered

Copper and silicon steel sheets

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Material Recycling Processing

For small stators: put stator in the cutter, then cut one side copper wire, then use graber to grab all copper wire out from the other side.

For small stators

For big stators: put stator in the cutter, then cut one side copper wire, then put stator in the lifting table, use the hydralic pliers pull out all copper wires.

For big stators


Copper and silicon steel sheets

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