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What are the specifications of cable recycling machine?



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2019-12-27 12:14


What are the specifications of cable recycling machine?


What are the specifications of cable recycling machine?


Waste cable wire recycling machine is specially used to process all kinds of standard cables, like automobile electric circuit wire and communication cable, and unclassified cables, which can be not processed by wire-stripping machine.

As for the specifications of the cable recycling machine, the answers of this question depend on the specific requirements of the you, we can customize the suitable solutions for the you. The following is our standard solution:

Model Capacity(Kg/H) Dimensions(mm) Total Power(Kw) Weight(T)
ZYCWR-300 200-300 3100*2000*2250 37 1.6
ZYCWR-500 400-500 3500*2200*2250 45 3
ZYCWR-800 500-800 6400*3600*3550 55 6
ZYCWR-800 800-1000 6800*3800*3550 65 7
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